Galaxy LED

LED screens, the highest point reached in the imaging technologies, can be used both outdoors and indoors under all weather conditions.

The system has a considerably extensive area of use due to the high brightness, wide viewing angle and scalers that support a large variety of video formats via digital and analog inputs such as S-Video, Composite Video, RGB, YUV, VGA, HDMI, SDI, HDSDI/DVI etc.

We offer plenty of applications oriented to the concept of your organization and the strong impression you aim to leave on the audience.

Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens

  • 5 mm SMD Indoor LED Screen(New Product – Black LED)
  • 6 mm SMD Indoor LED Screen
  • 7 mm SMD Indoor LED Screen
  • 12,5 mm SMD Indoor/Outdoor Screen LED
  • 10 mm Indoor/Outdoor LED Screen (New Product)
  • 16 mm (Virtual 8 mm) Indoor/Outdoor LED Screen