Galaxy Laser

As the exclusive representative of LOBO, the world leader company in the field of laser Technologies, Galaxy Group offers many alternatives of modern laser systems, the centerpiece of show and entertainment sector, for every organization to be held indoors or outdoors.

Via Galaxy Laser Systems;

All colours of captions, logos and special fonts can be projected on every surface (such as curtains, water-screens, walls etc.)

Following a fireworks show, any desired caption can be projected with the green colour laser on the smoke arises from the fireworks.

Optionally, 3-4 minutes special 3D animation shows are prepared on demand.

We also perform animation and beam shows with CD quality sound and 16 million colours resolution which is above Turkish standards.

  • 10 – 40 Watts DPSS Green Colour Laser Systems
  • 10 – 30 Watts DPSS 16 Million Colours Laser Systems
  • Mirror systems for indoors and outdoors